Establishing The Best Technology For Your Environment

Virtualisation technology can help your organisation in many different ways, from enabling you to reduce hardware overhead and reduce operating costs with desktop virtualisation, to enabling you to present common and necessary applications to your users in a consistent fashion across any platform.

We can advise you on the best fit solutions for both your application and desktop environments.

ORIIUM:add3 are experts in virtualisation technology enabling you to move both desktop and application estates to our own CX Cloud platform, enabling you to deliver individual layers to your end users

Application Virtualisation

Overcome issues by integrating existing and older applications into a newer technology environment, whilst allowing your organisation to reduce operational management costs.

See how your software can be turbo-charged with application visualisation and the benefits of separating your applications from your users desktop.

Desktop Virtualisation

Using desktop virtualisation, we can present a consistent and rich desktop experience to all your users, whilst consolidating the traditional desktop into a few centralised images. This centralisation allows you to reduce the support cost for your user estate, and allows you to simplify management of all desktops from one single platform, giving you the ability to update all desktops from one location.

User Virtualisation

Un-couple your user’s data from their hardware, by utilising user virtualisation. Your profile data including preferences, personalisation, settings and security policies are un-coupled from your hardware, allowing your organisation to make changes across their estate, without impact to the users data.