User Insights

Application Estate Audit

Does your organisation have application and data sprawl? Do you know what you have within your application data estate and whether you are license compliant?

ORIIUM:add3 will help you to make informed decisions regarding your estate, by providing you with the necessary data collection information.

How This Works

We can deploy our solution in many different ways, pending on your organisations computer and server estate. Our team will engage with you to understand your requirements as well as how your organisation is configured with your users, their data and that of your applications and licensing.

During our engagement with you, we will define a clear plan to carryout this service, whilst ensuring mimimal impact on your business operations.

The Benefits

Our User Insight service delivers a fully comprehensive breakdown of your existing desktop estate, providing detailed intelligence of application and resource usage across the entire business. This helps identify license gaps, resource under-utilisation and redundant applications that may be draining resources, time and money.

The User Insight service also provides strategic analysis and direction for the development of future technology plans with a roadmap outlining the most appropriate options available.

What will we provide

In order for you to fully understand your data estate, we will provide the following…

Detailed Application Utilisation Report

Definitive Business Software Scope

Identify License Compliance Issues

Application Strategy And Resource Capacity Plan

Following on from these activities, we will engage with you to discuss appropriate technologies and how you can make the best gains possible from your estate.

To find out how our team can specifically help you, contact us for an informal discussion regarding User Insights.

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