We can provide you with all the necessary tools and knowledge that you and your business need, to support your solution long-term.

Expert Led Training and Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge transfer is almost as important as implementing the actual service that has been promised. Why? For the same reason that having one employee that knows everything can often prove to be prohibitive to getting things done, at add3 we believe that in order for you to reap the benefits of our work moving forward, the skill of your technical teams need to advance along with the technology.

In-House Experts

Our trainers are consultants with real world field experience, who work to transfer their expert knowledge and experience to your employees based on the service that has been delivered.

In addition you’ll gain expert relevant in-house knowledge as your people are trained on your own company systems. The training is also extremely cost-effective as our trainers come to you, so what you end up paying for is the trainer’s time rather than the number of people in the classroom, with no delegate travel or accommodation expenses to consider.

What Is Covered In Our Training

Our training covers all of the technology areas we specialise in, with flexible courses tailored to your needs. Our App-V training for example covers the following modules (for both App-V 4.x and 5.x); we can supply a course covering everything, or simply select the areas appropriate to your team and we’ll adapt the curriculum accordingly:

  • Introduction To App-V
  • Introduction to Sequencing
  • Architecture
  • Sequencer Planning and Installation
  • Sequencing
  • Server Planning and Installation
  • Administration
  • Client Planning and Installation

The benefits to your business, is that you’ll be receiving face-to-face training support from the team that has supported you from day 1, so you will not find a better expert capable of training your team on your organisations own unique operating environment.