Application Transformation

Reducing operational overhead, minimising software license cost, maximising existing software investment and controlling the proliferation of the software estate are all concerns of today’s enterprise.

Our Application Packaging services help solve these issues by streamlining and configuring expansive software estates, as well as also helping to remove underutilised applications, identifying license compliance risks and deploying best-fit applications where needed.

Maintaining Control Over Your Environment

Maintaining a stable yet flexible IT environment is critical to ensuring optimal user productivity and system performance. As organisations grow and technology advances and evolves, it is becoming harder for those organisations to maintain control over their software estate leading to significant increases in license and management costs.

User Insight

We can enable you to discover and learn more about your environment, in order for you to manage it more effectively

Application Virtualisation

Separate your applications from the desktop operating system and enable them to be streamlined to your users.

Application Compatibility

We will analyse your legacy applications and provide the necessary solutions to enable them to be transferred to your newer software platforms

We have many years’ experience in packaging off-the-shelf and bespoke applications for our customers. There isn’t an application that we have not been able to package for our customers, and we are confident that it will remain this way.

Danny Clarke – Commercial Director, ORIIUM:add3

Application packaging can help enterprises manage their growing volumes of software, across their desktop and server estates. From this, we can enable you to…

Reduce Software Management Costs

Increase System Performance

Reduce Operational Management Overhead

Increase User Productivity

Vendor Solutions

Using the latest application solutions we can provide you with a range of different packaging techniques, allowing you to consume your applications in a format that works effectively for your environment. We can package applications into traditional MSI packages for simple desktop deployments, or we can enable you to use application virtualisation to enable you to deliver these applications as a separate layer to the desktop.

We will work with you to determine the best fit solutions for your environment.